Retreat Timeline



June MMQG Meeting

Retreat Reveal Party

Distribute Retreat Party Invitations

Retreat Registration Forms Available

July MMQG Meeting

Begin Taking Retreat Registrations:  July 24 – October 31

Announce Retreat Participation Points & Challenges

Begin Taking Retreat Fees: July 24 – September 1 for Single King Room

                                             July 24 – January 1 for Double Rooms

August MMQG Meeting

Continue Retreat Registration & Retreat Fee Collections

September MMQG Meeting

Distribute Retreat Classes Survey – Registered Participants

Continue Retreat Registration & Retreat Fee Collections

October MMQG Meeting

Continue Retreat Registrations & Retreat Fee Collections

Display Retreat T-shirts and Sweatshirts

November MMQG Meeting

Display Class Samples

Distribute Class Registration Forms

Take Orders for Retreat Shirts -

Continue Retreat Fee Payments

December MMQG Meeting

December 1 – 8, Class Registrations, By Mail

Take Shirt Orders

Complete Retreat Fee Collections

January MMQG Meeting

Complete Shirt Orders

Collect Fees for Classes

February MMQG Meeting

General Retreat Information Distributed to Participants After the Meeting

As at the 2018 Retreat, we plan to have demonstrations on Monday afternoon and classes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Remember to check the Retreat 2019 website: .  We will be posting information and printable forms there for your convenience.

Questions?  Contact Judy Avant at or Cheryl Damon at